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06 Apr 2018

Ultimate Guide In Choosing Interior Paint Colours For Your Home


Are you about to paint the interior walls of your home? Picking the right paint colours for your home can be fun, yet often times lead to chaos if you don’t know what colour scheme would match your home interior decorations. Below is an ultimate guide that will help you get started with this painting project.
Look for some inspiration
Yes, this is the smartest way to find the ideal colours for your home painting, look for inspiration on home magazines and other interior designing catalogs. If you have all the time to surf the internet, then, search for websites that focused on home interior decorating to get relevant information on interior paint colours. You can also check the latest shares of cool home interior paints on popular social media sites like Pinterest and Instagram.
Get a color wheel
You don’t need to be an expert in painting for you to select the appropriate colours that will blend with the rest of your home interior and decorations. Nowadays, there are tools that will make any task less complicated. As for picking the most suitable interior paint colour for your home, getting a color wheel saves you all the trouble and headache. Besides, using the colour wheel is very easy. You simply need to turn it for you to see which shades match. The color wheel shows you precisely what particular shade to search the moment you arrive at the local paint store.

Play along with neutrals
The good thing about picking neutrals for your home interior painting project is you get a chance to be creative and play along neutral tones that will not only project a distinct interior styling, but also project a more relaxing environment. For example, you can paint your child’s bedroom ceiling with a shade of blue, then, the walls in neutral colors. These paint colour combinations will create a calming ambiance.

Use print fabric as reference
If you want a quicker approach in choosing the best interior paint colour for your home, then, make use of print fabric. How? Check your printed beddings, table fabric covering and throw pillows and use them as reference when buying the paint. However, if you can’t find the perfect shade bring a piece of plain fabric at your paint store and do a strike on the available free samples. This is a good idea if you are still undecided because you have a chance to view it again once you get home.

Bring the colours of nature into your home
Bringing the colours of nature into your home could be awesome, especially if you love to be closest to outdoor. Get inspired by the different shades of the sky, greeneries, soil and sea. If you want to create a calm environment straight into your bedroom, picking light shades of the blue similar to the sky or your favourite local seashore can deliver the desired effect.

Get inspiration from an artwork 
Another effective approach to help you select an ideal interior paint colour is by getting ideas from any piece of artwork found in your home. Carefully inspect the variety of colours used in a masterpiece painting and pick a shade that will compliment with your other home decors and furniture.

Go for lighter or darker shade
When exploring all shades on the colour wheel, don’t be afraid to try the lighter or darker shade of the same paint colour. However, if you want it to be two shades lighter or darker than what you see on the colour wheel, you can ask the paint store to customise it for you.

Hire a painter as colour consultant
If you are working a specific colour scheme and struggling in picking appropriate colours, hire an interior painter as colour consultant. These painting expert will provide solid advice and guidance on your choices. In fact, a colour consultant can even customise a color palette ideal for your home design and structure.

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