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27 Jun 2019

Top Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Local Handyman


Top Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Local Handyman

Although, you love to do as much DIY at your home there are some issues require the expertise of someone, namely the “Handyman”. This person is equipped with right tools and skills to do various odd household repairs and maintenance jobs, excluding plumbing and electrical wiring. Since, we cannot predict the time when the need for a local handyman comes highly, here are top questions to ask while screening prospective local providers.


Question #1 – How many years of experience you have as a handyman?

This question is very crucial because it will lead you to an experienced handyman, the number of years spent doing odd repair and maintenance jobs. Keep in mind, there are many handymen out there offering various services and if you got lucky to come across a prospect with solid years of experience, this should quicken your selection process.


Question #2 – Can I get an estimated cost of the project?

The services of a local handyman do vary including the cost per project contracted. During the one-on-one meeting for your upcoming home repair or maintenance, ask the candidates if they could provide an estimated cost of the entire project. A reliable handyman would be willing to prepare a written estimate as well as the timeframe to complete this project. In fact, he or she would even proposed a work plan on how he or she will resolve this problem.


Question #3 – Are you covered with insurance?

Yes, this issue must not be overlooked when meeting with local handymen, ask about insurance coverage. In every state they have laws requiring all service providers including local handymen to be covered with insurance, passed skills trainings or hold a license, but in some states these requirements are not applied. However, a reliable local handyman doing all sorts of home repairs and maintenance will get insurance for the unexpected events like a bad fall while changing the lighting. So, ask anything related to insurance coverage, so that you relieve from liability claim if something bad happen.


Question #4 – Do you have specialise skills for this project?

As mentioned there are some home repairs and maintenance that require special skills or trainings. If you want assurance you are hiring the right handyman for this project, then, by all means ask without hesitation anything that will prove his or her skills.  An experienced local handyman comes with a portfolio of past projects as well as certification trainings attended. 


Question #5 – Are there any other fees to be charged?

Most handymen work per project basis. However, there are also those handymen who charge additional fees. It’s vital that your prospective local handyman discloses everything including other fees that could be added on your final billing receipt. I’m sure you don’t want to end up paying more than what you expected the entire task would cost.


Question #6 – Can you provide references of past clients?

Don’t hesitate to ask a potential local handyman for references coming from past clients. I’m sure if he or she’s very eager to take this job, a prepared sheet of names of satisfied clients served in the past is readily available upon your request.  Be sure to give these references a quick call and ask the following:

  • What kind of job did you contract this handyman?
  • Did he or she finish the job on time?
  • Did you have any trouble communicating with this handyman?
  • Where you happy with the outcome?

Question #7 – Based on their online reviews, ask yourself if this feels right?

The internet would come very useful for this type of inquiry, so spend time doing online research. How? Read reviews, visit forum sites or check the official site of Better Business Bureau for ratings as well as complaints filed against handymen. Then ask yourself, how does this handyman’s reference compare to those online reviews? Does this handyman feels like the right candidate?


Where to find a local handyman? offer a free and convenient way of finding a local handyman fast, as well as researching valuable information about your candidates before choosing the best local handyman. There are also other places where you can locate a local handyman like ads posted on your local community billboard, local message boards or local newspapers, though none provide the convenience of receiving quotes, reviews and finding renovation ideas all at one place. 

There you have it some of the questions that will lead you to the best candidate who has the experience and skills needed for your home’s odd repair and maintenance projects. Feel free to ask them as you conduct a private meeting, so that you can make a wise decision based on the answers provided.

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