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06 Apr 2018

Things To Consider When Starting A Home Renovation Project


Things To Consider When Starting A Home Renovation Project
Home renovation is a major decision to make as it involves time and money. If you want to give your home a fresh look by renovating it, here are a few things to consider before you start tearing down walls or striping the wallpaper.
Identify your available options
Before you make any drastic move, it’s a good idea to identify first your available options, renovate, extend or tear down and rebuild. Of course, any of these options require funding and it’s crucial you weigh the amount of money needed. For example, if tearing down your house and rebuilding it would be costly, while renovating allows you to save more and having the pleasure of transformed home, then, choose to renovate.
Hire a licensed builder
So, there’s no doubt renovation is the wisest decision to give your home a new look, the next thing you have to consider who will do this project. Even if you are tempted to DIY, this sounds a waste of time or money, especially if you don’t have the tools and skills. So, better hire a licensed builder for your home renovation project. Why? This professional will take control of this project and guarantee that you are freed from stress and physical strain from start until completion. If this is your first time to hire a builder, take time screening your candidates and choose someone that exhibits professionalism, honesty and commitment.
Prepare a list  of your requirements
Once you have found a suitable builder to handle your renovation project, prepare a list of requirements, needs or wants. Don’t just rely on the suggestions of the builder. While you have plenty of time, look for inspirations on home magazines, architectural magazines or visit and whatever ideas you found from these channels, include them on your list. 
Determine your budget
Ask yourself the following questions before determining your budget:
  • How much money are you willing to spend for this renovation?
  • Do you have sufficient savings for the unexpected delays?
  • Where will you get funding in case you run out of funds?
If your answers to above questions all lead to a conclusion that you are financially capable until the completion of this home renovation project, then, go ahead and request the builder to prepare a written contract of agreement.
Don’t sacrifice quality over quantity
When renovating your home, don’t sacrifice quality over quantity. If your builder recommended investing on top quality materials for your roofing foundation, take this advice seriously to prevent accidents.
Be involved
Even if you are confident with the reputation of the builder, it’s still necessary you make your presence felt all throughout the project. If you have to check on their progress daily, do it. Remember, the more involved you are with this renovation project, the higher the percentage of your requirements being followed.
Be aware of the renovation process
The renovation process may undergo a lot of phases prior the completion. It’s important that you are aware of what would take place from start to finish, so that you have assurance that no shortcuts are done.
Think for long-term goals
Since renovation can be costly, always consider long-term goals like how you would want your house to look 5 years from now. If the builder suggested changing the carpet flooring to wooden flooring to add value when reselling in the future, then, give your approval. You never know five years from now you have plans to relocate elsewhere and investing on wooden flooring would surely command a higher reselling price.
Notify your insurer
I’m sure you got your house covered with insurance and before you start any renovation, notify your insurer. Why? Your existing home insurance policy has coverage on what you declared. If you invested on top quality roofing materials, it’s necessary to amend your policy for your protection against unavoidable events (natural disaster or accidental fire).
I do hope this topic gave you valuable insights for your upcoming home renovation project. If you want peace of mind that everything will fall into the right places as what you imagined, then, find a reliable builder that has a remarkable portfolio here.

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