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06 Apr 2018

Learn The Latest Interior Decorative Ideas For This Winter Season


Winter season should not be as dull as the weather brings more grey clouds, wet or chilly days. You can brighten up home by implementing any of the latest interior decorative ideas. For sure, even as the winter days worsen, you will find warmth and comfort day and night.
Assess your existing colour scheme
When preparing your home interior decoration for the winter, take time to assess the existing colour scheme because it will affect your purchases of new items. The latest shades for this season depicts of richness such as greens, jewel tones, red and orange. If you are planning to buy fabrics, choose anything made from cashmere, faux, wool and velvet because they will add warmth to any room of the house.
Infuse some greenery inside
Winter in Australia can be truly unpredictable. Sometimes, you will find yourself bracing a windy condition while there are days where you can’t bear to go out due to a colder temperature. If you love to be with nature, why not infuse part of it inside your home such as placing indoor plants or decorating your large vases with fresh blooms from your local florist. This interior decorating idea will surely liven up the living room.
Do some rearrangement
Sometimes, the usual arrangement of your furniture pieces may create boredom to the atmosphere, especially when the weather outside is windy or chilly. If you are thinking of a quicker way to transform the present aura of every room of the house, do some rearrangement. For example, in the living room rearrange the family sofa and other chairs in a way that everyone gets to enjoy the fireplace. If your bedroom lacks the spark, simple changes can do the trick like replacing your lighting or adding colourful throw pillows on the bed.
Resort to layering
Decorating your home this winter need not be expensive. In fact, one of the cost-effective interior decorating techniques that you could try without having to spend is by layering. So, while you are in the mood to redecorate every room of the house, look inside your cabinet unused floor rugs you bought months ago at the flea market, place them at the living room or bedroom. Or, if you have some heavy curtains, time to hang them on your windows to add warmth.
Enhance the lighting
Winter months mean shorter days. Among the decorative ideas that are ideal during the winter season is improving the current lighting feature of the house. For example, if you dread of not having the warmth of natural light coming inside your home, buy various types of lighting that will not only brighten a gloomy room, but also add warmth like scented candles, oil lamps and light bulbs that have warmer lighting effect.
Additional decorating tips when winter months arrive:
  • Decorating your home can be fun even during winter as long as you are open to changes that will not only spice any room, but definitely make you feel warm and cozy.
  • Since we want to create that feeling of comfort while the weather outside is cold, get those thick throws and blankets. Cushions and pillows of all sizes would be the true source of warmth and can be placed in the living room and bedrooms.
  • If you love the outdoors, but the winter’s bad weather condition prevents you from enjoying a day out, add nature elements like fresh cut flowers, indoor plants, stones and even a basket containing shells or dried twigs collected at the beach during the summer can liven up your spirit.
  • Add scents to make the living area more inviting like scented candles, cinnamon sticks or aromatic oils. The fragrant smell of these items would surely help you relax and feel invigorated.

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