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06 Apr 2018

How To Have A Successful Working Relationship With A Reliable Cleaning Services?


How To Have A Successful Working Relationship With A Reliable Cleaning Services?
How many times you wished of having more hours to allow you to sleep longer during weekends? Or, perhaps, you are hoping that when you arrived home from work that everything is in order and spotlessly clean. Well, these wishes could come to reality with the help of a reliable cleaning services provider like Mr Reliable Cleaning Services. If you are planning to seek their services and want to establish a successful relationship, here are the best practices that you could try.
Give clear instructions
We all have ways on how our household chores be done. Even if you contracted a cleaning services company, it would be helpful on your end to give clear instructions to the assigned cleaning staff like how you want the children’s bedroom be tidied or the number of hours spent doing the laundry.
Set realistic goals
Establishing a closer relationship with your hired cleaning services provider takes time and doesn’t normally happen during the few meetings. If you want to ensure the hired cleaning services remains committed with you as their paying client, set realistic goals. For example, you know personally how time consuming dusting your antique collectibles and when you include this task to your newly hired cleaning services provider don’t request it to be done in a span of 30 minutes. Keep in mind, these antique collections are priceless and giving the assigned cleaning team reasonable time to dust and put them at their right places would be appreciated. In return for being a considerate client, rest assured that whoever is assigned to clean this stuff would give equal care and importance as you do.
Give a list of cleaning products you want to be used
Another way you could have a smooth relationship with contracted cleaning services provider is giving them a list of cleaning products you want to be used. Explain to them the reason behind this special request of using non-toxic cleaning products because a family member is prone to allergies or you have younger kids.
Know what traits to look for when hiring a cleaning service provider
When looking for professional cleaners in your area, there are instances you will get too many proposals. If possible come up with traits or requirements that your ideal candidate cleaner must possess or have such as:
  • A valid business number ABN or ACN.
  • Number of years operating as a professional cleaning services provider
  • References of past and existing clients
  • Price list and description of their services
  • Insurance coverage
  • Positive reviews 
  • Assigned cleaning staff must have no criminal record
  • Availability of a written contract of agreement
  • Flexibility of services
  • Trainings and certifications
  • Excellent communication skills
Be professional
Your hired cleaning services employ hardworking and professionally trained cleaning employees, so it’s expected from you to act professional and treat them with respect. Besides, if you really want to develop a closer relationship with your assigned cleaning staff, start right the moment he or she comes to do your daily cleaning list. If a particular task isn’t done according to your specific instruction, tell them. In the event, the cleaning staff has done an excellent job cleaning your bathroom, acknowledge it by words of praises. Sometimes, saying these magic words “Thank you” or “Please” would already be the beginning of a lasting relationship with your hired cleaning service team.
Open communication must be established
Yes, this could be the key to a successful working relationship with your hired cleaning services provider, open communication must be established not only when giving orders or complaints, but also when expressing your opinion on how you want things done in your household. If you openly shared your concerns and expectations with the assigned cleaning staff, then, there would be no misunderstanding.
Are you now ready to hire a cleaning services provider? If yes, go over the tips above and try applying them the moment the cleaning staff or team arrives at your doorstep and hopefully as you establish a good working relationship, every chore listed will be carried out smoothly.

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