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06 Apr 2018

Budgeting Tips When Renovating Your Bathroom


Are you too excited with plans of renovating the bathroom? Don’t let this excitement control you because there are important matters that must be addressed prior this bathroom renovation project such as the budget. Have you asked yourself, “How much can you afford?” Remember, not having a specific figure in mind may lead to overspending. So, how do you go with budgeting? Here are useful tips that will guarantee you don’t overspend and save money along the process.

Tip #1 – Use tiles where you see appropriate
Tiles, especially those with intricate designs can be very costly. If you are on a tight budget and don’t want to spend all your money on tiles, use tiles where you see appropriate. For example, instead of having the entire bathroom floor and walls covered with tiles, why not focus the tiling on heavy traffic area like the floor. Or, if you prefer expensive tiles, use them as an accent with cheaper tiles.

Tip #2 – Don’t splurge on countertop
Planning of investing on a granite bathroom countertop, reassess your available funds and ask this question, “Is it really a good investment?” If you will compare the size of a kitchen countertop with that of the bathroom counter, you may think its size is relatively smaller, so the cost would only be minimal. But, how can you save if you know for a fact that granite material is pricey, especially those that come in neutral shades of beige, brown or tan? If you aren’t willing to trade the granite for an inferior countertop, there are other ways to save such as looking for a piece of granite that is priced low due to flaws. Besides, a slight imperfection can be easily hidden when adding the sink and faucets.

Tip #3 – Repaint the bathroom walls
Renovating bathroom should not always lead to tearing down tiles and replacing them with new ones. In fact, if your existing tiles are properly maintained, all you need is repaint the bathroom walls to give is a fresh look. When buying paint for the bathroom, take into consideration the amount of moisture, humidity and changes in temperature that happen in this area. Keep in mind, that high-quality paint with the glossy or satin finish is the right choice.

Tip #4 – Upgrade the fixtures
When doing a bathroom renovation, among the things that you need to look closely are the bathroom fixtures like faucet, lighting, towel and tissue holder and cabinets. If you are already bored with the traditional style of your bathroom fixtures, then, it’s time you upgrade them. For you to save on these purchases, be on guard for upcoming sales at your local bathroom supplier. You can also visit online shops that offer exclusive discounts for online purchases.

Tip #5 – Replace old caulk and grout
Among the areas of the bathroom that will validate that this space needs renovation are the evidence of old, moldy or grimy caulk and grout. You may be surprised the moment you replaced this unsightly caulk and grout, the impact will be extremely pleasing to the eyes of any onlooker. 

Tip #6 – Do the necessary fixes
Sometimes, doing some fixing inside the bathroom is all that you need to create a makeover without resorting to expensive renovation. Evaluate the specific areas of fixtures of the bathroom that requires fixing. For example, a leaky faucet or rusty shower head could only be the few issues needing immediate repair to make your bathroom looking new.

Tip #7 – Hire a licensed contractor
Lastly, if you aren’t a great fan of DIY projects, it would be the most economical decision to hire a licensed contractor for your bathroom renovation. Why? Mistakes are bound to happen if you don’t have the skills and tools needed for a bathroom renovation. If you don’t want to end up doing more harm than good, contract this job to someone with a proven track record of completing it on time with the awesome result even on a limited budget.

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