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Our Story


Who we are?


We are a registered Australian company that deeply cares about our customers. Our aim is to help everyday busy individuals to conveniently find and connect with the top experts, best service professionals and suppliers to solve their home improvement problems.

At Eedol, we strive to be a customer lead company by continuously engage with all our customers. We endlessly utilise insights from customer feedbacks to develop a better user experience and refine our platform to socially enage and commercially satisfy all our customers. 

What we do


Ever felt like a game of roulette when hiring a service? Upon searches, all you get is a list of business names and phone numbers, whilst having no idea what their work looks like? On top of that, YOU have to do the calling to find out if they want the job or not? What a wast of your time?

At Eedol, we make it easier for you to discover skilled craftmanship and streamline the hiring process, so you don't have to do the hard work. It's a convenient place for you to get qoutes for projects, follow experts for ideas or get advices. Eedol is more than a directory, it's a professional community that's ready to help.

Our Vision

To be the most resourceful platform in helping everyone make the right decision for all their home improvement needs.

Our Mission

To create a trustworthy environment where skilled professionals can conveniently find opportunities to assist their customers through utilising and showcasing their expertise.